Change Style Indicator Certification Program

Do you wish to become an expert in the Change Style Indicator and be confident when interpreting its results and providing feedback? Or would you like to improve your knowledge and skills to help address the challenges and needs of in change management?

The Change Style Indicator (CSI) is designed to measure an individual’s style preferences in approaching and addressing change. It is a leadership assessment that provides leaders of all levels with insights on personal preferences for managing through change and provides context for how those around them might perceive and respond to their preferred style. The Change Navigator (CN) is designed for organizations that are undergoing a specific change event, and focuses on the emotions of individuals as they navigate change and the predictable stages of transition.

Program Objectives

The Online Change Style Indicator (CSI) Certification Program will allow you to begin using the CSI and CN comfortably and confidently. It will help you to identify and explain:

  • The four predictable stages of transition associated with change
  • The stage of transition you are currently experiencing
  • Strategies forbidding resilience during change
  • Managing responses to change and its consequences
  • Increased productivity through awareness and effective response to change style differences

Program Structure

  • 30-min kick-off meeting (virtual) with certified CSI trainer
  • Self-paced eLearning via the MHS Learning Management System
  • 60-min individual coaching session (virtual) with certified CSI trainer

Participants will need to pass an online test at the end of the program to complete their certification.

As the trainer is based in Singapore (GMT +8), the timings for the kick-off meetings and individual coaching sessions will be during daytime hours in Asia.

Trainer: Tan Weixi, Managing Director, Workplace Asia