Influence Style Indicator Certification Program

Do you wish to help individuals address their challenges and needs of leading others effectively? Or would you like to help leaders improve their ability to connect with people using a variety of influencing styles?

There is more than one way to influence or motivate others, and successful leaders and team contributors understand that they need to adapt their style to the target audience and situation. The Influence Style Indicator (ISI) is designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others, while addressing one’s preferred, secondary, and underutilized influencing styles. 

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Programme Objectives

The Influence Style Indicator (ISI) Certification Program will allow you to use the ISI comfortably and confidently. It will will help you influence effectively through:

  • Making an impact on the ideas, opinions, and actions of others
  • Increased trust and positive relationships
  • Have ownership over your priorities 
  • Lead towards acceptance and beneficial outcomes

Program Structure

  • 30-min kick-off meeting (virtual) with certified ISI trainer
  • Self-paced eLearning via the MHS Learning Management System
  • 60-min individual coaching session (virtual) with certified ISI trainer

Participants will need to pass an online test at the end of the program to complete their certification.

As the trainer is based in Singapore (GMT +8), the timings for the kick-off meetings and individual coaching sessions will be during daytime hours in Asia.

Trainer: Tan Weixi, Managing Director, Workplace Asia