Psychological Safety Certification

Are you looking for ways to empower your team or to cultivate a more inclusive, collaborative and innovative culture at your workplace, where everyone feels safe to learn, grow and contribute?

This 2-day workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to administer, interpret and apply the Fearless Organization Scan, an innovative tool designed to measure and improve psychological safety within teams.

Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes. It is crucial for building trust, encouraging collaboration and fostering innovation. Extensive research in the field of organizational psychology and teaming by Harvard Business School Professor Amy C. Edmondson has revealed a strong correlation between psychological safety and team performance. This is supported and reinforced by Google’s Project Aristotle on what makes teams successful.

What is the Fearless Organization Scan

The Fearless Organization Scan is an assessment to measure psychological safety and begin the crucial conversations that teams need to have in order to work well together. Developed in collaboration with Professor Edmondson, it is backed by more than 2 decades of research and widely regarded as the gold standard to measure psychological safety.

Based on Professor Edmondson’s Psychological Safety Index (PSI), the Fearless Organization Scan reveals how a team stacks up against the global benchmark data across four domains that contribute to a safe environment as follows:

  • Willingness to help
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Attitude to Risk & Failure
  • Open conversation

Program Objectives

  • Understand the concepts of psychological safety and how it impacts team performance
  • Interpret the Fearless Organization Scan results and use them to conduct debriefing sessions
  • Learn the Fearless Organization Scan system and survey
  • Apply and implement the Fearless Organization Scan in real-world scenarios or case-studies
  • Work with teams to suggest strategies for increasing psychological safety.

Program Structure

The program starts off with a 2-day face-to-face workshop that combines interactive activities, shared learning and reflection, brainstorming and guided discussions to achieve the learning outcomes.

After the face-to-face session, there will be an interval of around 4-6 weeks, participants are required to carry out a practical application independently. They will engage a team of their choice to use the Fearless Organization Scan and conduct a debrief of the scan results for the team. An optional 1-hour group coaching session will be delivered via Zoom to support participants during this practical application period.

The process will end with 1.5 hours instructor led session delivered virtually via Zoom for debrief after their practical application.

The entire process, from workshop to closing session, will take about 2 months. 

To complete the certification course, participants must do three things:

  1. Attend all sessions,
  2. Complete the homework, and
  3. Find a team to conduct their first pilot FOS debrief with. Workplace Asia does NOT provide a team for the debrief.

A summary of the program structure is as follows:

  • 2-day face-to-face workshop (16 hours)
  • Practical application (over 4 – 6 weeks, to be carried out by the participants independently)
  • Virtual group coaching session (1 hour; optional)
  • Virtual closing session (1.5 hours)


Program Details

Dates & Time Run 1
    · Face-to-face workshop: 15 & 16 Aug 2024, 9am to 6pm
    · Virtual group coaching session (optional): 2 Sep 2024, 10am to 11am
    · Virtual closing session: 14 Oct 2024, 10.30am to 12pm
Run 2
    · Face-to-face workshop: 14 & 15 Nov 2024, 9am to 6pm
    · Virtual group coaching session (optional): 4 Dec 2024, 10am to 11am
    · Virtual closing session: 17 Jan 2025, 10.30am to 12pm
Venue (for Workshop) Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena or equivalent (Lunch and 2 Tea-Breaks will be provided)
Price $2,500

What is Included

  • Admin access to the Psychological Safety Scan Portal
  • Membership to the Fearless Community of Practice
  • Facilitation Materials
  • Industry Experts
  • Session Recordings
  • Certification and Badge

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