Free WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test

Are you looking for a free WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test? Look no further. Check out how you can get one here.

What is the WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test?

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is based on the Five-Factor Model, commonly referred to as the gold standard of personality measurement by psychologists and researchers. Derived from well-respected research using complicated data analysis, it is not based solely on theory. Instead, it is based on concrete and empirical data that is reliable, valid, repeatable and hold up under scrutiny.

The test contains 93 online questions that can typically be completed within 15 minutes.  For best results, answer the questions based on who you really are, not what you think is the “correct” answer or who you would like to be. 

After completing the online test, you will receive your WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report, which reveals your 5 personality supertraits and 23 subtraits. These personality traits will help to explain your work-related behaviours found in communication styles and approaches to work, as well as preferences and energy for specific roles and tasks at the workplace.

How does the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report look like?

The scores for the supertraits and subtraits in the report are based on your responses to the online questions, and have been normalised to show where you stand on a continuum relative to other people in the norm group.

The report uses work-relevant, bias-free language that is both concise and straightforward to describe your personality. As personality traits are neither black nor white, good nor bad, each aspect of your personality will present both opportunities and challenges at the workplace.

There is also a section on “Making Meaning” in the report to help you reflect on the insights and connect the dots to your work life. By aligning your natural preferences with your career, you tend to sustain the energy required to succeed and remain internally motivated.

It is recommended that you work with a certified WorkPlace Big Five practitioner to better understand your report. He or she can also help you identify the contexts or activities that fit you best based, so that you can perform better in the workplace, expand your influence at work and achieve your career goals.

You can view a sample of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™Trait Report here.

What is Difference Between WorkPlace Big Five and Other Big Five Personality Tests?

The WorkPlace Big Five personality test is different from other Big Five personality tests as it has been contextualised to apply the Five-Factor Model specifically in the work environment.

The 5 factors of personality have been renamed into the 5 supertraits to better reflect their relevance in the workplace. The use of clear workplace language in the WorkPlace Big Five personality test has proven to be a valuable tool across industries and organisations.

With an average coefficient alpha* of .83, the WorkPlace Big Five personality test is one of the most psychometrically robust tools on the market. More than 5,000 organizations, consulting firms and nonprofits around the world have used it for its precision and insights.

*Coefficient alpha is a statistic accepted as an indicator of reliability.

How Do I Get the Free WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test?

The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test is typically administered at a cost due to the years of proprietary and external research into cognition and personality that has gone into it.

However, good news for all corporate employees – we are offering you a free WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test for a limited time only! Simply contact us at and provide us with your work email address to receive the complimentary test. The offer is only valid for those who have not done the test before and whose employer is new to the WorkPlace Big Five Personality Test.

If you find your report useful and want to thank us for the free test, please share your experience with your friends, family and colleagues (especially HR colleagues!). The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ suite of tests and reports can be applied in various human resource initiatives such as career development, job profiling and selection, leadership development, talent management, team building and employee engagement. We will be happy to share how the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ suite can help companies and organisations unleash their workforce potential. Just drop us an email and let us know.

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