Job Skills Check: It’s 2024!

Are you a job seeker, seeking for new job or career opportunities? Have you tried checking your job skills? However, it doesn’t seem to work well on your side: failed interviews, tests, failed resumes, while you need to compete in today’s competitive job market. Now, the question will become: “What have you done to not repeat the same mistake?”. Nowadays, having various job skills with the right and exact job description will be a significant and necessary key for fresh graduates or job seekers to get the dream job they want.

Let’s explore more about job skills a fresh graduate or job seeker should have before they apply for their dream job and dream company. Consider developing this skill for your future needs and to add more value to your resume.

Job Skills: Definition and Types

To put it simply, job skills are a particular ability that someone needs to have to manage their specific job or task professionally. How can someone acquire these job skills? A person can gain or earn their relevant skills through their formal education, skills training program, non-formal education, coaching program, or even on-the-job experience.

Generally, job skills are divided into two big types of skills: hard skills and soft skills. A recruiter usually judges a person by the various hard and soft skills they have- it’s the key skills a recruiter will see.

Hard Skills

In short, hard skills are also known as “Technical Skills” or knowledge-based skills. These skills are measurable- it takes a short amount of time to master them, but it takes a long amount of time to consistently develop the hard skills you earned. For example, if someone’s dream job is to become a programmer, then, they would need to have a strong basic skill in coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, etc. Having deep, strong roots in hard skills will be a plus point for the recruiter – especially in industries that require a piece of specialized technical knowledge.

Soft Skills

On the other hand, soft skill is also known as “Transferable Skills”, “Interpersonal Skills” or “People Skills”. For example, communication skills, time management, and leadership skills, On the other hand, soft skill is also known as “Transferable Skills”, “Interpersonal Skills” or “People Skills”. For example: communication skills, time management, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills, creative thinking, teamwork skills, analytical skills, adaptability, and even critical thinking. It is more of a “trait” based skill – it takes some time for a person to learn and to familiarize themselves with the new habit or lifestyle created by adapting to the skills. Having lots of soft skills will make people gain some new colleagues quickly as a person may see them as a positive person and fun to be around.

Recruiters will often look for employees candidates that have both hard and soft skills at the same time with detailed job-specific skills. Having an employee with both hard and soft skills at the same time will bring a satisfying result of increasing overall job performance and success.

Does Job Skill Matter? Is It Important?

For a recruiter, yes it matters. How about for the job seeker itself? Well, consider having various broad job skills as an investment for themselves and their future. Having job skills will give you a sense of competitiveness over other job-seeking candidates. It will raise your value from the recruiter’s perspective- because a recruiter usually receives a huge amount of job applications during the job opening. Having a job skill will also enhance your performance in the job you’re doing, and it will contribute a lot to developing your professional growth.

Job Skills You Need to Have in 2024

To further elevate your resume and yourself, here are a few of the must-have core skills you need to consider:

Communication Skill: this is the top tier the most must-have soft skill in someone. Having the ability to be able to conduct effective and efficient communication is highly valued in almost every industry. Someone who can do active listening, paired with the ability to articulate ideas clearly will help you interact with clients, colleagues, stakeholders, or even your boss. To elevate your communication skills, you can try to become a more attentive and understanding person- it will open your perspective about how a person thinks, thus resulting in a more straightforward conversation.

Problem-solving Skill: or rather put, analytical skill. This soft skill is a must-have. Having the ability to solve every challenge that hinders your growth will be a new step in finding innovative solutions. Critical thinking skills will also play a big part in overcoming the problem you’re currently facing. Being a natural at solving problems will show that you’re someone trustworthy, and you can give a limitless amount of contribution to the company. You can increase your problem-solving skills by engaging yourself in strategic games like chess, crossword puzzles, etc. However, good problem-solving will only be trained when you’re faced with real problems.

Adaptability and Flexibility: the adage, “Be like water”, is a real example of what people should be: formless, shapeless, and will mold into any container they’re in. Whenever you’re in a new environment, learn how to adapt and learn how to be like water. Being a flexible and adaptable person means you’re always open to new ideas, open to learning new technologies and skills, and you’re ready to adjust yourself to the company’s requirements.

Technical Skills: in other words, hard skills. Having all the most crucial soft skills mentioned above will be zero if you don’t have the hard skills that are relevant to your dream job. Possessing the skills needed in your job description will guarantee higher job prospects. Develop a habit of training and experimenting with your technical skills – practice makes perfect.

Your Next Step…

To sum it up, let’s take a step back and analyze your current job skills status! As you acquire and develop new job skills, your new career opportunities will be out there, waiting for you to apply. Increasing your hard and soft skill level, along with developing a must-have skill mentioned above, hopefully, 2024 will become the year of success for you and job seekers out there!

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