Personality in Workplace: 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

Personality in Workplace

Personality defines people. It is an important aspect, whether in daily life, school or college environment, and especially work environment. Personality is a diverse and dynamic matter, so it greatly influences the workplace environment and interactions among employees. Then, personality becomes one of the crucial factors for a company to decide which employee should they hire. Many companies use personality assessments or personality tests to measure a person’s personality types. Personality at work covers a person’s mental abilities, traits, natural reflexes, and individual characteristics. Workplace personality is crucial because it can predict how an employee interacts and behaves with one another, how they will fulfill their responsibilities and how they will adapt to the company.

In essence, personality becomes an important point in a workplace. However, there are 6 more reasons to consider as to why a company should consider understanding personality in workplace. This article will explain the 6 importance of personality at workplace.

Effective Communication

Firstly, by understanding employee’s individual personality, hopefully an effective communication was build. Because, sometimes, it needs a higher level of understanding in order to communicate properly. Have you ever explained something to your colleagues or manager or another people in the workplace, but they just can’t seem to accept or get the point you’re trying to convey? Maybe, it’s not because you’re bad at communicating – but the person perspective and way of processing information is just different from they way you do.

So, understanding various personality dimensions at a workplace can help you understand how your colleagues, managers, or your juniors at work process information. As there are various model of personality and dimensions of personality, sometimes it’s wise for us to also consider our personality traits. Did we spoke too direct for someone who are cautious? Or did we not choose our word wisely? There are many way to how a conversation can end up offensive, creating an awkward air in the office environment. In other word, understanding personality can help you approach the person the right way without them feeling offended and also increase employee engagement.

Conflict Resolution

Workplace personality types are not only one. This means, personality types can clash anytime, even when they’re working towards one common goal. In one work environment, conflicts often happen and are unavoidable. However, as one adage say, conflict often happens because we are unprepared. We can avoid small conflict or reduce big conflict to smaller conflict by understanding very well our team’s personality dimension and personality model. In a team, there are usually agreeable people, conscientious people, or even conflictable people. Understand their model of personality, understand their cognitive abilities, analytical thinking, consider giving positive lights and let each employee have their personality style. Here, having an effective leadership style no matter your position will also help.

Collaboration Improvement

Again, due to various personality types, there might be unavoidable conflicts, but on the positive side, with various personality dimensions, there will be higher chance of collaboration improvement. As there are incompabilities between colleagues, a chance of new innovative and creative ideas being created under one improved collaboration are likely to happen. Broad dimensions of personality means broad personality charatcteristics, and even broader concept of idea created by how each individual process information. Employee-manager collaboration can also be fabricated by trying to understand employees personality traits and individual differences.

Burnout Prevention

Understanding employee personalities mean understanding the person behind the personality. Sometimes, you can find your colleagues or junior or even senior losing their performance, not performing like how they always used to perform, or in other words, low performance level. Regarding this, you want to reach out a helping hand by understanding their core personality. Find out what’s wrong, try giving positive light and reinforcement, and hopefully their performance level will bounce back to the way it used to be. Understanding that emotional stability is important is also part of emotional intelligence, and can be used to uplift their motivation, and prevent furhter emotional disbalance to happen. Employee motivation is also important things to watch out for!

Team Cohesion

Personality is one of the crucial role in team building. By combining life experiences each members and considering their personalities, things can work out well and the team can achieve more if a team is build based on complementary personality, rather than clashing personality. The key here is to understand the different personality each team members have and learning each team member’s POV. The manager can also strategically assign tasks and roles easily that can align with each team member’s strengths and preferences. This will motivate the employee to contribute more and create a harmonious work environment

Turnover Reduction

Employee fit assessment can be used to increase retention rates. When the employees feel understood and valued in the workplace, then they are less likely to leave. Not only that, utilising personality tests and personality assessments can also help a company to identify the right person suitable for the position.

In Conclusion,

Well, these are a few examples for company, managers, employees and even yourself to consider starting understanding personality in a workplace. Not only it broaden your own perspective, it also help positioning employee with the right job description perfectly, and can keep employees happy. It can also reduce miscommunication, burnouts and turnovers. Let’s understand personality more, and see how much difference it brings to your workplace.

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