Influence Style Indicator™

The Influence Style Indicator is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others. The assessment addresses one’s preferred, secondary, and underutilized influencing styles.


  • Learn more about the two primary orientations: Advocating – Individuals put forward ideas and offer logical and rational reasons to convince others of their point of view; Uniting – Individuals advocate for their position by encouraging others with a sense of shared mission and exciting possibilities
  • Learn about five unique influencing styles: Rationalizing, Asserting, Negotiating, Inspiring and Bridging
  • Understand when each influencing style is best used and what the potential pitfalls may be
  • Improve the ability to connect with others using a variety of influencing styles Be able to identify others’ preferred style

With the Influence Style Indicator, leaders will:

  • Examine what their chosen influence style looks like to others
  • Determine best opportunities to flex their style to address a variety of situations
  • Improve their ability to connect with others using a variety of influencing styles
  • Investigate how timing and discretion are important considerations in influencing
  • Reach an understanding of how influencing styles can impact organizational decision making
  • Be able to identify others’ preferred styles



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