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Change Navigator®

Change Navigator is a revolutionary new tool for change leaders that takes participants on a journey through the stages of transition that are common to periods of change and helps people to understand and navigate them. It focuses on the emotions of individuals as they navigate change and the predictable stages of transition.

Decision Style Profile®

The Decision Style Profile® poses ten typical, real-world business situations that require decisions. Based on the cases as presented, the respondents choose among five decision-making styles in selecting the one they believe is most appropriate for each case. The five styles differ in the degree that the respondent may choose to involve others in the decision-making process. A personal report for each respondent compares individual choices to the “expert” style choices made by 20,000 executives and mid-level managers. The report includes Decision Inclusion Index scores and an explanation of Decision Style preferences. 

Change Style Indicator™

The Change Style Indicator measures an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides leaders and team contributors insight on personal preferences for managing change and context for how those around them might perceive and respond to a preferred style. The Change Style Indicator’s 20 helps establish how the respondent prefers to address and work with change – addressing both initiated and imposed change. A key piece of insight is the participant’s place on a continuum along a Conserver, Pragmatist and Originator spectrum.

Influence Style Indicator™

The Influence Style Indicator is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others. The assessment addresses one’s preferred, secondary, and underutilized influencing styles.