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An Introduction to the Five Factor Model and the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

WorkPlace Big Five is referred to as the gold standard of personality measurement by psychologists and researchers, the Five Factor Model (FFM) is the core of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™. This model defines personality through five distinct dimensions, and has been heavily researched and validated over time. A pure FFM tool, our assessment is one of the most psychometrically valid and reliable assessments in the industry. It is appropriate for all Human Resources and Organizational Development applications.

This document will provide you with a stronger understanding of the underpinnings of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™, and has you ready to unlock business success through your people.

Reliability and Validity of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

Today’s organizations and leaders face a demanding challenge in choosing from among thousands of personality assessment products and services. Personality testing is a $500 million industry that is estimated to be growing 10% annually. More than 2,500 personality questionnaires are on the market and dozens of new companies appear annually, making the challenge of finding the right assessments all the more difficult. Clients consider many factors, and validity and reliability are especially important. Valid and reliable assessments have been proven to be a worthy investment because their solid foundation
provides accurate insights that advance business goals.

This document aims to explain the realiability and the validity of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ as a personality assessment tool.

2017 Big Five Research Presentation

This document contains slides that are used in the ‘2017 Big Five Research: What’s happing outside Paradigm?‘ presentation by Dr. Pierce Howard, the Chief Innovation Officer

"Buddy, Can You Paradigm?" Article

This document contains a reprinted article called “Buddy, Can You Paradigm?” that were taken from a Training & Development, September 1995 Issue. This article explains the evolution of the Big Five or the Five-Factor Model or Personality and how it may be used in organizations.