Get Unstuck

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The “Get Unstuck” session is a structured approach to diagnosing and addressing issues within a team or project that may be causing stagnation or challenges.

When it seems like progress has come to a halt, this session involves a thorough examination to understand the root causes of the problem. It focuses on identifying what’s going wrong and then explores potential solutions and options to overcome the obstacles. The ultimate aim is to arrive at a consensus on a viable and effective solution that enables the team or project to move forward and break free from the feeling of being stuck. It’s a valuable tool for problem-solving and getting back on track to achieve goals.

A Five Whys workshop is a problem-solving technique that delves deep to uncover the root cause of an issue impacting your project.

This method involves repeatedly asking “why?” five times in succession to progressively dig down to the core problem. By pinpointing the root cause, you avoid addressing surface-level issues and can focus your efforts on solving the real problem. This workshop is especially effective when dealing with unexpected events or challenges in your project. It’s like being an inquisitive toddler, continuously asking “why” until you reach the heart of the matter.

Discover what motivates your team and identify potential roadblocks to achieving your vision.

A “Sailboat Workshop” is a strategic exercise designed to uncover the driving forces behind your team’s objectives and identify potential obstacles hindering the realization of your vision.

This workshop tactic helps clarify your goals, their underlying motivations, and the factors that might impede their attainment. It brings teams and stakeholders together to establish a collective understanding of their objectives, motivations, and barriers. It’s a valuable tool for identifying roadblocks, ensuring alignment with your purpose and goals, and enhancing overall team cohesion.

A “How Might We…” question is a workshop tactic that turns problems and observations into actionable questions.

When faced with a problem, it can often feel overwhelming. However, by rephrasing these problems as questions, you shift your mindset from a state of panic to one of problem-solving. These questions open the door to creative solutions and encourage a proactive approach to addressing challenges.

A Reverse Brainstorm workshop is a creative approach that involves generating solutions for the worst-case scenarios or the most undesirable events that could potentially disrupt your project.

During this exercise, participants deliberately brainstorm absurd or extreme ideas. The true innovation comes when you flip these ideas around or reverse them to discover unconventional and groundbreaking solutions. It’s a method designed to encourage thinking outside the box and finding unique answers to project challenges by starting with the worst possibilities.

A valuable tip for a Reverse Brainstorm workshop is to encourage participants to propose ideas that are so extreme or outrageous that they could potentially lead to dire consequences, such as getting fired. This approach helps uncover the most unconventional and daring solutions, pushing the boundaries of creative thinking and problem-solving.

A Rose, Thorn, Bud workshop is a collaborative approach to evaluating an idea, project, or process by examining its positive aspects (Rose), its negative aspects or challenges (Thorn), and potential opportunities for improvement (Bud).

In a group setting, participants share what they appreciate and find positive (the Rose), what issues or challenges they see (the Thorn), and what areas they believe have the potential for growth or improvement (the Bud). This tactic provides a comprehensive view of the subject under consideration and helps guide discussions on how to enhance it for better outcomes. It’s a valuable tool for both identifying strengths and addressing weaknesses in various contexts.