Team Time

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Introducing “Team Time” session – a powerful resource for enhancing your team’s dynamics.

This session is designed to give your team a clear common goal while ensuring that everyone understands their specific roles. It’s a catalyst for improved teamwork, helping team members discover how to collaborate more effectively. Additionally, it provides insights into the individuals who may have a significant impact on your team’s success.

Enhance your team’s performance and unity with our “Team Time” session – your gateway to unlocking your team’s maximum potential.

Stimulate your team’s creativity and establish an ambitious vision to strive for.

Introducing our ” Newspaper Headline Workshop” – a dynamic tool to ignite your team’s creativity and shape an inspiring vision for the future.

This workshop is designed to spark your team’s imagination by having them predict what the press might say about your company or project on their front page. It’s a unique way to uncover your organization’s true aspirations and goals.

Through crafting hypothetical headlines, you’ll gain valuable insights into the challenges to tackle and the direction to pursue.

Discover what motivates your team and identify potential roadblocks to achieving your vision.

A “Sailboat Workshop” is a strategic exercise designed to uncover the driving forces behind your team’s objectives and identify potential obstacles hindering the realization of your vision.

This workshop tactic helps clarify your goals, their underlying motivations, and the factors that might impede their attainment. It brings teams and stakeholders together to establish a collective understanding of their objectives, motivations, and barriers. It’s a valuable tool for identifying roadblocks, ensuring alignment with your purpose and goals, and enhancing overall team cohesion.

Define team roles and outline each member’s tasks, discussions, and decisions.

A “Roles & Responsibilities Workshop” is a structured session aimed at defining and clarifying the roles within a team and outlining the specific tasks, discussions, and decisions assigned to each team member.


This tactic facilitates a comprehensive understanding of each team member’s role and responsibilities, ensuring that everyone knows who is accountable for what. By establishing clear responsibilities, it eliminates ambiguity regarding hierarchy and expertise, minimizes redundant work, and fosters more effective teamwork and collaboration.

Gain insights into each team member’s skills to enhance collaborative effectiveness.

A “Skills Market Workshop” is a structured session that facilitates a better understanding of the skills and capabilities possessed by each team member to promote improved collaboration.

This workshop creates an environment where team members can share information about their skills, abilities, and career aspirations. It provides a broader perspective across teams, highlighting the diverse range of skills available and identifying areas where individuals wish to enhance their abilities.

Gain insight into the individuals who hold both power and interest in your team’s project.

Introducing our “Stakeholder Map Workshop” – a vital tool for comprehensively understanding the individuals who wield influence and possess interest in your team’s project.

This workshop helps you identify and prioritize key stakeholders, those VIPs who can significantly impact or be affected by project decisions. By mapping out their levels of input and interest, you gain valuable insights for aligning decisions effectively. This Stakeholder Map Workshop equips you with the strategy needed to communicate with the right people and manage their expectations, ensuring project success.